HTC Desire C Review

The HTC Desire C is a low-budget handset with a smooth, curved design. It costs £130 on PAYG or can be obtained for free on contracts of as little as £13 per month.

Desire C Specs

Its predecessor was the Wildfire S. The Desire C has a larger screen, at 3.5 inches, as opposed to Wildfire’s 3.2. The Desire C has the same 600MHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, and the same HVGA resolution as the Wildfire, however. The design of the phone is pleasing. It is lightweight at 100g and easy to hold with rubber curved edges. The back cover is simple to remove and the three capacitive buttons make navigating the phone a simple task. The HTC Desire C offers a bright and simple-to-use interface, based on the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. With five home screens, widget options are displayed clearly and there are tables to add apps and shortcuts. Unfortunately, due to the 600Hz processor, apps and pages are often slow to load.

While being tested, the phone had no signal interference and we did not experience any problems with call quality.

The HTC Desire offers several messaging options, for example, you can use the Google Gmail app, or use a universal mail app where you have the option of organizing messages by account. It is straightforward to use either app and easy to upload photos or videos to messages. The Facebook app was pre-loaded on the phone and I could link my contacts, calendar, and Friend Stream to it. Google+ was on the handset but I couldn’t link it up to anything else on the phone. Users are not given the option of joining Twitter, which will be a disappointment for social media fans.

HTC Desire Review

As with the interface, the internet display on the HTC Desire was visually pleasing and simple to use. However, pages took a long time (up to 15 seconds) to load. On the plus side, users can save favorite pages to a reading list and it is easy to zoom in on text. The 5MP camera offered is of good quality for the price. In decent lighting, the Desire C can produce good pictures. There is a short load time and no flash, however, which may hinder photos being taken in some cases. The video option again was of an acceptable standard, easy to use, and gave a good quality picture when used in adequate light.

With space for a Micro SD card and 4GB of internal storage, the HTC offers a small amount of memory. Thanks to a pre-installed music player and access to 7 Digital, new tunes can be downloaded quickly and the musical formats are easy to use. The battery lasted for a reasonable length of time and was quick to charge. The HTC Desire C is easy to use and visually appealing. It is slow to load the internet and has a limited camera function. For the price you are paying, however, it does offer good value for money.